Designing beautiful jewelry is an inherent passion for twin sisters Kimberly and Lucy. As an expression of their shared vision for creating rare pieces of art, the sisters launched the brand Dao Fournier last year
(pronounced: Dow Forn-Yay).

The brand is a fusion of the sisters’ middle names and pays homage to their lineage. “Dao” represents their mother’s Thai heritage, while Fournier reflects their father’s French-Canadian background. The Dao Fournier brand represents the beauty and richness of East meeting West.

​Born in Bangkok and raised in the United States, Kimberly and Lucy’s earliest memories include playing with diamonds and precious gemstones in their parents’ jewelry boutique.

After college, the twins’ passion for jewelry fueled their desire to study Gemology and professional design. In 2006, they reconnected with their roots and returned to Thailand to study at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). While at GIA, the sisters experienced sapphire mining, diamond cutting, and colored stone buying, while enhancing their jewelry design skills. Upon graduating from GIA, Kimberly and Lucy spent the next four years designing their debut collections Dao Fournier, which launched in late 2012.

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